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2 ways Groups fundraise using our site:

  1. An ONLINE ONLY FUNDRAISER. All items are sold on the site, paid at checkout (credit/debit card, or PayPal), and shipped to the buyer’s home (or address of their choosing).
  2. A HYBRID FUNDRAISER. Many groups simply want to add an online element to their already successful direct $1 -or- traditional brochure sale. This is great for out-of-town friends and family where physical deliver by the seller is difficult or impossible. All other items sold from the brochure are delivered to the school or organization 3-4 weeks after the sale is complete. This product pickup date is typically conveyed to sellers and their parents via a slip of paper in their take home folder, group text, social media, electronic billboard, etc. That day the items are picked up and hand delivered to customers who are typically neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends.

Either way, we provide your group with a custom URL similar to these active campaigns so you’ll be able to direct your supporters to your page easily. There’s no time consuming and difficult process of requiring registering for students or supporters.

Over your 5-10 day sale, it’s suggested you send a text message to supporters on kickoff day to let them know who you are, what you’re raising money for, what they can buy to support, and the link where they can do it.

Undoubtedly, many supporters receive the text while they are at work, or are busy.  This is why it’s important to send a reminder message the 3-7 days later.

Then at the conclusion of your 5-10 day virtual fundraising campaign, send a final reminder that says your fundraiser is ending tomorrow and this is the last chance to support me.

The beauty of the site is it’s simplicity.  Your sellers can focus on what will make you the most money.  That’s sharing your group’s fundraising page link on as many formats (email/ text/ social media) and people as possible.

Shipping rates are affordable.  If supporters don’t want to pay shipping, they can donate instead.

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